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              Application and advantages of patch buzzer

              Nowadays, the development trend of electronic products is light, thin, short and small, and the patch type buzzer has the advantages of small volume, clear voice, high reliability, and SMT patch installation convenience. More and more customers choose to use it. Our company has invested large amounts of funds for the development of SMT products, there are 16025130251203110171032850485037525904590329025503050255002 chip and 9605512806512807128101407 chip passive buzzer, active buzzer, product technology is mature, stable quality, win the majority of customers trust and praise, establish good brand image gradually at the buzzer is widely used in industry, communications, medical, computer and the surrounding, terminal products, automotive electronics, timer, portable equipment, security alarm products etc..
              The bee sounding tablet is made of lead zirconate titanate or lead magnesium niobate piezoelectric ceramics. The silver electrode is plated on the two sides of the ceramic sheet, and after the polarization and aging treatment, it is glued together with the brass or stainless steel.
              Buzzing piece works on the basis of piezoelectric effect. When it is applied to alternating voltage, it will generate mechanical vibration. On the contrary, when it exerts mechanical force, it will generate voltage signal. Therefore, the piezoelectric ceramic honeycomb can be used as a vibration sensor. The voltage signal produced by the mechanical force of the piezoceramic buzz film is very weak, and the vibration sensor is generally connected with the voltage amplifier.
              It is convenient to use the mechanical multimeter to detect the good or bad of the beep sounding film.
              The multimeter dial to the 25V file, the left thumb and forefinger gently knead sides buzzer, right hand holding two pens, a red pen close to the surface of chips, black pen across the buzzer, then left thumb, forefinger and hard pressed immediately relax, buzzer on successively generates a voltage signal on the contrary the two polar, the pointer to the right - left - back to zero - pendulum swing back to zero, about 0.1~0.15V. If the exchange position again after the test pen, pointer order left - back to zero - swing to the right - back to zero. In the case of the same pressure, the greater the swing of the pointer, the higher the sensitivity of the buzz film, and if the pointer does not move, it shows that the inside of the beep is leakage or received.